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leighton-meester-in-styleLeighton Meester made her television debut “Law & Order” when she was 13. The actress enjoyed a breakout role in 2004 with a recurring role as the Britney Spears-like singer Justine Chapin on the series “Entourage.” From there, it was on to guest parts “8 Simple Rules,” “Numbers” and “CSI Miami.” She has had recurring roles on popular series such as “24,” “Veronica Mars,” “Shark” and “House.”

Meester was raised in Marco Island, Florida. She moved with her family to New York City and soon after began working as a model.always-in-style_521x813

Away from the set, Leighton loves music and creative writing. The actress who plays Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl says it’s tough to say who inspires her the most when it comes to fashion, but has one person in mind:

“I think it all started with me looking up to my mom. She has great style,” Meester admits. “She was definitely out there when it comes to fashion but now I have a bunch of stuff she wore back then. I usually get complimented on them!”

“I do love fashion and I do love clothes,” she added. “But to me it’s more about expressing yourself than expressing a designer. I’m not snobby about what I wear as far as designers. I just want to have fun with fashion, that’s what it’s about.”


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